Samet Ensar Sarı
In our world, everyone has a media channel. But most of the people are not aware of this. Now, you need to stake a claim your channels on social media.
Samet Ensar Sarı

Brief Story:

Samet helps to guide corporate executives and entrepreneurs to create self-integrated businesses with the aim of helping them gain more profit, more fans, and more freedom.

With the working methods he has, he enables his customers to make high return investments, to widen their companies’ popularity in the market, to develop business complying well with their strategies and visions, and stand by them during all processes in a motivating manner.

Samet established a mobile market work at his family home at the age of 7, which was the start of his entrepreneurship journey. He took part in the business world in short-term jobs until his university years. Until that time, although he was told to get prepared to work in companies founded by others, he found the idea of creating his own business while studying industrial engineering where he tried to use his math and communication-oriented intelligence together. He was brave enough to face all kinds of risks to turn entrepreneurship into a lifestyle.

He became a university graduate with no salary after the internet entrepreneurship projects, which are small in terms of capital which he initiated by accumulating the scholarships he received while he was at the university, but large since he put all his own assets. In this process, he managed to learn how to become an entrepreneur starting from zero, find customers, create cash flow and manage debts. While he was continuing to build on his academic success, he decided to give all his energy to enter into the business world as the founder of one of Turkey’s first social media company: Dekatlon Buzz. This is the way how a global success story arising in Turkey has begun.




Samet Says:

It has been always my principle to make the best of the situation where I am. Achieving this both in the university and in the business World has been the source of my motivation. I have been a passionate entrepreneur throughout my life and adopted this as my lifestyle. I always believe that entrepreneurs are the ones who make our world beautiful, enrich it and make us dream. Thus, whenever I work with corporate companies, I try to integrate entrepreneurship approach to all business models correctly just as I do with startups.

I am excited to make people dream, make them feel what they can do and tell the trends of the new world. I love every place where new ideas are spoken and born. My biggest mission is to create the people who make the difference by giving the right to the rate wherever they are.

I am excited about encouraging people to dream, make them feel that they can do what they believe and explain them about the trends of the new world. I adore the places where new ideas are spoken and born. Encouraging people in order to make the best of the situation and create difference regardless of the place is my biggest mission.

All in all, we try hard to find the meaning of our lives with the places we work, the companies we establish and the dreams we have, we want to find out the means that intercede it and we try to leave legacies of success. At least I believe so!

I was born and raised in Istanbul. My family is from the Black Sea ☺, I try to be with the people I love and the ones who love me –I guess-, I work hard, but I also travel a lot, of course my life partner Billur and Can Atlas, who means everything to me, are my greatest wealth. Being positive and smiling are my indispensable characteristics.


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