Mart 15, 2020

4Ps OF Marketing is out, 4E is in!


Marketing which is one of the critical departments for companies maintain to provide bright career opportunities for many employees. Thus, new graduates are getting more and more interested in the marketing department. Do you know what features recruiters look for in the candidates who apply for positions in marketing departments? Anyone who is interested in marketing somehow knows the 4Ps of Marketing. Well, have you heard of the marketer’s 4Es?

Levent Sevinç, the Founder and CEO of Assessment Systems having evaluated approximately 4 million people with Evaluation Center applications and psychometric tools so far, denotes that eight differentcompetencies are required in the candidates whom they evaluate for their marketing positions and emphasizes that they gather these competencies under 4 main headings.

Here’s 4Es that a good marketer should have:


Digitalization has affected marketing as well as all the areas of life. Not only the scope but also the functions of marketing department have changed with digitalization. Everything related to marketing ranging from communication tools, communication channels, consumer habits continue to change and develop. For this reason, marketing professionals’ having two competencies to keep up with these changes and the pace of the digital world is crucial: “Openness to Learning” and “Innovation”.


It is expected that many marketing experts can evaluate the conditions of the market in which the company serves. Marketing professionals should be able to evaluate each single case they face in a systematic way. A marketing specialist who cannot evaluate the information he has obtained about the competitor, the product, the market, the target audience or cannot solve the problems he / she faced correctly is not expected to make a correct action decision. For this reason, the recruiters also focuses on “Analytical Thinking” and “Reasoning” competencies these positions.


Marketing experts should evaluate the problems they encounter in theory and offer creative solutions to these problems. They should be able to easily understand the relationships between the cases, reify the abstract concepts and visualize their thoughts in the minds of others. No matter which marketing branch he works in, it is expected that marketing professionals come up with new ideas and have a perspective that that is outside the box. So, we can say that “Creativity and Abstract Thinking” are essential competencies required in marketing positions.


It is essential that marketing professionals have a certain level of both written and verbal communication. It is a critical competence especially in the branches of marketing communication. Although the marketing specialist is not directly communicating with the customer, he/she should express his ideas, demands to his team, to the parties he/she works with or gets service from in order to get the desired business result. Here in, features such as “Persuasive Communication” and “Building Relationships” should be developed.