“My passion for entrepreneurship started with the mobile market I established in our home when I was 7 years old and it came to life with different ideas as I grew older. I do not know the number of things I have learned but the lessons I have taken from the mistakes that I have made brought me to this day. I always get excited to share my entrepreneurship experiences with university students and the ones who are dreaming of being entrepreneurs. I totally believe that the entrepreneurship will be the basis for the financial development of both individuals and our country and I’m working hard for this. ”

Samet Ensar Sarı

In order to make entrepreneurship ecosystem stronger and grow this system, to develop innovative products and services in cooperation with entrepreneurs by Turk Telekom, PILOT program that is a first in Turkey came to life.
I made a speech on the subject of "Determine Your Navigation in the Digital Age". It was a delightful conference where we talked about the brands of the digital age.
I mentioned about innovation, digital transformation and entrepreneurship at YOUNG TURKEY SUMMIT 2017. You can watch the video that includes my speech below.
You can watch the video below prepared by Altavia Dekathlon "A Turkey Informatics Foundation initiative, the aim of the Başlangıç Noktası and the manifesto of the" work that takes place.
You can watch the entrepreneurship world program that I was a guest at Bloomberg HT channel.
It has been always very popular to make predictions about the future is very popular. However; it may not seem very vise for some other people. At that time, there used to be a lot of question marks about online shopping.